H.D Hayot


The Great Codex of Times

Hello hello,

First of all, special thanks to..you!

Each one of your visits, each one of your 'likes' on Facebook, each time you recommend the book to a friend, is like a pulse, a frequency, a vibration that resonant and creates a great INTENTION.
This INTENTION charges me with joy and it does feel like receiving a great present. So thank you very much for your INTENTION. It’s fulfilling and motivates to write and keep on spreading the book.

Here you will find some useful information regarding Galapula, the great codex of times, a fiction about the power of thoughts and their manifestation.
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Here are three things to highlight your way, wherever you go:
1. You are not alone
2. Your greatest power is your imagination, use it, play with it, be aware to what comes in and operates out
3. Know this, when your heart and mind (imagination) synchronized – miracles can happen

Please feel free to write me, I will try and do my best to reply you quickly.

Thank you very much for visiting Galapula.

Meanwhile, prepare to synchronize.