H.D Hayot


The Great Codex of Times

“Most recommended, Anishi is like the spiritual brother of Harry Potter” Irit Yablon
“Take the intrigue of The Call of The Black River (The Spirals of Danu), the science fiction of Contact, the mystery of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind [HD], and you have the delightful "Galapula". The reader follows Anishi, who discovers that not only was his grandfather trying to establish contact with aliens, but has been turned into a roach. And then an electric creature, known as Circula arrives, begging for his help. This is both an intriguing and original tale of familial love, desperation and adventure, and keep you reading to the last page.” M Sockel
“So uplifting I didn't want it to end. A beautiful fantasy with a very true message. Funny thing, I found this book right when I felt my energy was being drained by so many "Pumpers" as the story labels them, and wondering how in the world I could recharge myself when no one and nothing was around with the ability to provide positive energy. Voila'! Just needed a reminder that the power is always within yourself. Great book!” Terri Lawrence
“When I bought this book I didn't realize it was geared toward young adults. It ended up being a happy mistake, because it was a great story no matter how old or young you are!
Young Anishi is a very unique boy. His heart is in a pouch next to him because it was too big for his body. He also, along with his grandpa, find out that aliens are controlling humans. Or "humanoids" as they call them. This is when the real adventure begins, and you will find yourself turning the pages quickly to find out what happens next.
Galapula was filled with things I had never read before (something way harder to come across if you read as much as me!). It was also steeped with Mayan history. Very educational while being entertaining.
Great for any age!”
“A boy with a big heart, bigger than his body, is the main focus of this incredible story. Using real world history, including Mayan symbols, you get a very interesting and well told story that involves mystery, aliens, adventure, and so much more. When Anishi discovers his grandfather becomes a roach, and there may be life on other planets, this story jumps into a whole new world of imagination. It’s like a Disney movie, but a bit rougher around the edges, and a great amount of emotion throughout. You get a sense of adventure, a bit of history, and an elusive allegory that is made for both children and adults alike. It’s a delightful little tale, and one that doesn’t try to hit you over the head with the underlining messages and wonder. It’s imaginative, clever, and feels very strong in terms of writing. I loved it, and recommend it for families, as there is definitely a great deal of mystery and splendor found here. I may read it again just because.” Jorge A. Orduna
“The book was charming and fascinating, full of humor and interesting ideas. When I started reading it I could not stop.” Yoram Kirsh, Phd (Author of "The universe according to modern physics" and "Journey to Happiness")
“Welcome to a world where your imaginations is able to run rampant in this vividly detailed story of adventure, mystery, history, and limitless potential. My ten year old son actually wanted this book and I'm one of "those parents" who read the books my children read to make sure they aren't completely moronic so I had to buy it and take it for a test spin to see how it runs. I loved it. From the first page to the last I was completely engrossed. The details are creative, the story well written, and the characters very well developed. I gave it to my son to see what he had to say and he read it from cover to cover in less than a day. I'd highly recommend this one for any age.” Y.Mura
“The story is fun, inspiring and carries far-reaching ideas. Really enjoyed reading the flowing, sweeping, brilliant and funny text. The author Managed to convey in clear and fascinating way, complex ideas that are extremely important to humanity. Thanks for a refined, joyful and charging Experience! Waiting impatiently for the next book” Talya Toker, A Singer and Mayan researcher